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Vecteezy Editor: Vector Design Tool Review

Vecteezy is a resource for vector art and design. You can simply search for a vector art and download or edit through the Vecteezy Editor. There’s a rich resource of graphics you can find and are categorized well. However they are divided into Free and Premium – for members with a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription.

Now, we’ll explain more about Vecteezy Editor and how you can use it.

1: Opening Vecteezy Editor

You will need Chrome, Chromium or Opera browser to open the Vecteezy editor. Use the link here: and you will see the editor straight away. Bookmark it for quick access. Login or Sign Up if you want to keep your files saved.

2: Understanding the Editor

Overall the look and feel does not look intimidating and pretty straight forward. On the top bar, you will see options to save your download, import SVG/PNG and undo/redo. On the left bar, here’s where you get options to edit Type, Background, Pen and add Elements.

3. Editing a Vector Graphic from Vecteezy

From Vecteezy, I select a graphic art to open into the editor. For this example, I selected the ‘Typographic Spring Vector Labels’.

Within seconds, the editor is ready for me to adjust any vectors and color or type. The video shows an example of how this is done.

4. Getting a Wireframe Done

I decided to put the editor to a test and design a simple wireframe for a website. Although, it’s not meant to create web wireframes, I can say through my experience, I did encounter some tricky situations.

Firstly, you will be using the pen tool to create shapes and this can be done pretty fast. However, aligning items such as text can be hard as there is no ‘snap to grid’ like feature. The only alternative is to align items vertically or left/right align such as Sketch or Affinity Designer.

I have made a short video describing my first experience using the editor. You will see how I manage to get a simple wireframe up with some mistakes, but the results are quite decent.


Vecteezy Editor might be great if you’re dealing with vector graphics that you will like to edit from Vecteezy‘s graphics library. As a standalone tool for wireframing or UI Design, it has it’s limitations. It has it’s potential, and I would definitely like to see how this editor can do more complex vector editing.

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