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5 Usability Testing Tools Review (2017)

If you are running a business or web service, it can be helpful to use usability testing tools to know a little more about your visitors. There are some great tools you can use that will generate videos, heat maps and reports about how well your website is doing.

Before using these tools it is better to understand the goal you want to achieve, whether it is to seek any usability problems or gain quality feedback from users themselves.


Peek Usability Testing

Peek is a lite version of what User Testing offers. It is simple and easy to use, and once you have entered your website URL, you’ll receive an email of a 5-minute video. Give it a shot! We have personally tried it for Deploy Labs and the quality of the video feedback received was good.

User Testing


User Testing allows you to gather feedback through video from their database of usability testers. It is similar to Peek, but you’ll get 10 videos (15 min) for $49. This will be useful once you have a site already built and established but seek ways in how to improve and engage your users.

You can even sign up as a usability tester and earn $10 per test – as stated on their website.



Usabilla provides an intuitive function that directs users to send feedbacks from your websiteapp or email via a button. A scenario example would be, if the user encounters a problem or likes a feature in your website, he or she can click on the ‘Feedback’ button to send direct comments. Usabilla is great if your site has wide taxonomies or many number of pages to keep track. There is no fix pricing and you can request a demo to see how it works for you.



If you’re looking for a tool to check how your readers are interacting with your site, Crazy Egg is a useful tracking tool that produces heat maps of your web pages. The main use of heat maps is to see which parts of the website that are particularly useful or redundant. Crazy Egg‘s subscription plan starts with a Basic plan starting at $9/month. There’s also a free heatmap test that gives a brief overview of your site.



FullStory is a powerful usability suite that can track your user via screen recording – yes, you heard that right! It is simple to use – add a code snippet into your website header and for each user that comes to your site, a video recording will appear on your FullStory dashboard. There are many features such as viewing page insights and a team collaboration platform. FullStory is useful if you want to improve customer experience, and valuable for businesses with a marketing team that wants to gain valuable insights into how engaged their users are.

It is worth noting that you can test anything – whether you have a web wireframe, prototype or functional website. Getting your site reviewed and tested from users helps in the design process and necessary to avoid potential pitfalls. Also, avoid the misconception that Usability Testing involves software tools, as it can be done through a planned one-to-one or grouped session.

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  1. Kieran Kieran

    Hey guys – thanks for the article. It seems as if Peek no longer exists either…doing a quick search for usability testing tools returned this interesting tool: – have you used this before?

    They seem pretty affordable! Likewise, looking at their blog, they’ve got a better resource for “What is usability testing”, which you can find here:


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