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Top 8 Time Saving Sketch Plugins

For Sketch lovers, plugins are the holy grail. In this post, we’ll focus on the Top 8 Time Saving Sketch Plugins of 2017 that is easy and efficient to use for most UX/UI tasks. Master them and use it to your advantage!

Content Generator

Content Generator is a plugin that quickly pulls up images, headshots, names, geo location data and dummy texts to your work. For example, to add Images – your can create rectangles (select them) and head over to Plugins > Content Generator > Images > Flickr and the images will be pulled from Flickr. This saves you time from manually drag-n-drop or searching images online! You can also use it to generate Lorem Ipsum texts without copy-pasting from the web.

CRAFT by InVisionLabs


If you’re not familiar with InVision, you probably should check out their site as it offers a ton of great tools for UX/UI Designers. Craft is one of them, and it comes with a set of tools such as Duplicate, Stock, Freehand, Importing JSON data and Create Style Guides. One useful feature is Duplicate – simply select a group you wish to replicate vertically or horizontally. Another use is pulling images from Unsplash and stock images from iStock / Getty Images.

What else can you do with Craft? One of the coolest features is Freehand – this turns your Sketch artboard into a collaborative playground. You and your team have the ability to comment on the artboard which eases communication and speed.

Magic Mirror

If you are familiar with Photoshop, you would understand how to transform your mockups to fit in different perspectives. This does not work in Sketch by itself, but with the help of Magic Mirror  – now you can! No more going back and forth Photoshop and Sketch and it only takes a few steps to get it done.

First is to place the image of the mockup or .psd file (Open with > Sketch) in Sketch. Then use the Pen tool to draw around the borders of where the image is placed (i.e. iPhone screen). Make sure you select the artboard of your screen and checked “Include in Artboards” at the Magic Mirror panel. Then, click on the area that you have pen’d out and select the artboard from Magic Mirror to fit it in.

Sketch to App Store

Sketch To AppStore

Ever wanted to simplify the process of creating App Store images? This plugin does the trick. Just with a few clicks and adjustments, you will be able to generate 45 different App Store images from iPhone 4 to 7+. Definitely a time-saving tool to have.

Sketch Measure


Sketch Measure is simply one of the best plugins. If you have used Zeplin, you have to go through the process of installing the plugin and application, exporting artboards, and sending it to the developer. With Sketch Measure, you start by creating slices on UI elements (buttons, images..) or marked bounds if you wished to. Then, with the toolbar open, click “export” – this is where the magic happens.

You will have 4 folders exported for your Assets, a master HTML file, HTML links of each screen and a Preview file with all .png screens, symbols and artboards! Open the master HTML file on your browser and you will get a dashboard (top image) and capabilities Zeplin. Here developers can see each UI documented and export it directly. Awesome….

Icon Fonts

iconfont plugin

Icon Fonts is plugin that let’s you add Icons on Sketch seamlessly. There are a few things to know before using this plugin, first you need to install a font bundle or font (.svg). I highly recommend downloading the font bundle and installing it. You will have fonts from Ionicons, Material Icons and Font Awesome. With the shortcut Ctrl+Cmd+A a search popup will enable you to key in the icons you need.

Sketch Palettes

sketchpalettes plugin

Sketch Palettes is a nifty plugin that helps you save Palette so you can retrieve and import them into any projects. You will need to add your colors in Sketch’s Document Colors or Global Presets and this will be saved in a .sketchpalette file. Easy to use and a great tool to keep.

Sketch Toolbox

sketch toolbox

Sketch Toolbox is a dedicated app that allows you to manage and install Sketch plugins. Instead of downloading a plugin from another site and manually dropping it in the plugins folder, Sketch Toolbox handles it for you with a click of a button. There are alternatives as well such as Sketch Runner and Sketch Packs which let’s you install plugins quicker.

If you can’t get enough of Sketch plugins – here’s some of the coolest you should check out:

  1. WeSketch
  2. Slinky
  3. Sketch Runner
  4. Sketch Packs

If you’re not a Sketch or Affinity Designer user, Here’s 7 Reasons Why You’ll Like Sketch & Affinity Designer. As time goes, we will continually refresh the list to keep you updated. For more UX/UI Tips, follow Deploy Labs on Instagram and Facebook  !

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