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Relevant UX Quotes from History’s Creative Innovators

We have gathered some great quotes of the past that we believe will help open your creative mind. They are still relevant for today’s UX Designers; and to start, we’ll begin with one of the most popular quote.

1. Henry Ford

Henry Ford

The “faster horses” quote implies that designers can impact a customer’s experience based on intuition, instincts, experience and business smarts. Henry Ford’s concept should not be taken lightly. We should also regard research and case studies as an important way in understanding user.

2.Paul Rand

Paul Rand

If you need a refresher on why you are designer or what you designing for, there’s no better way than to reflect on Paul Rand’s quote. Adding Value and Meaning is said first, and it’s so true. What we do at the end of the day is adding value and meaning to humanity.

3.Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper

We can learn something from Grace Hopper that relates to design. Design can be measurable and so often we are mislead to believe in other’s opinions to be true. How often we make a design change, but fail to measure the engagement and usability from our users? Are they happy and returning users? These are important questions we can ask ourselves.

4. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Job’s thought for the users. From the start of Apple, he was always questioning himself if users needed certain features on the Mac. He challenged designers, engineers and the team. Because he thought from a consumer perspective. Take a look at how the phrase is said, he does not dismiss the importance of design, but he opens up the concept of functional design which is far more important.

5. Walt Disney

Walt Disney

If you need a dose of creativity, this short quote can open up your mind to many possibilities. Walt Disney was once fired for his ‘lack of creativity’, but now as we know has an empire to prove his creative mind. We can all learn something out of curiosity. Stay open-minded even when you’re at work. To learn more about creativity – check out our UX Books page that will help you in improving your design thinking skills.



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