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InVision Studio: Coming in January 2018

InVision is set to release InVision Studio in January 2018 – a screen design tool that takes rapid prototyping to the next level. Will it be replacing tools such as Sketch or Adobe XD? Let’s take a look at why it might be a game changer in the industry and how it can be answer to many problems designers face.

1. Powerful, Unified & Seamless Design Tool

According to Clark Valberg, InVision Studio is a unified digital product design environment with features that empower creation and collaboration like never before. We can see that unlike other design tools, InVision tries to bring powerful features into one for the designer. The nature of design work has to be progressive and fast as most work is dependant on developers, project managers and clients.

2. Responsive Design

InVision Studio has an adaptive layout engine that allows for responsive design to be tested. The way it works (according to the video) is you could drag a screen and the layout will change to fit. Could we see lesser dependance on designing for mobile responsive devices? I would say this is one feature I am looking forward to, as currently in Sketch we can use plugins such as Launchpad.

3. Rapid Prototyping & Advanced Animation

I believe that most designers should adopt a design & prototype workflow, and InVision Studio has integrated screen prototyping and also better animations for better interaction design. Personally, I couldn’t count the number of times that I needed the developer to get the animation right – hopefully this will be a tool that allow us as designers to make our workflow easier.

4. Collaboration & App Add-Ons

If you have used InVision’s Freehand – it is similar to how it works in InVision Studio. Your project is shared via the cloud with a link that allows you to gather real-time feedback with your team. It is also said that there will be an App Store where you can purchase add-ons and kits. This will interesting to see when it rolls out in the future.

5. Code Export

One of things that tops the list of wants is better ability for code export. We have tools such as Zeplin and Sketch Measure to make web development painless. Now, with InVision Studio we can see that there is ability for Swift code export. More on this once we have a chance to review it.


Will it come with a monthly subscription price tag? How will this compare with similar platforms such as UXPin? From the features above, it is most likely InVision Studio will definitely be a great tool for UX, UI and Interaction Design. We will keep you posted and share a review on it once the product is released.

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