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Interview with Eduard Stefan

This month, we interview Eduard Stefan a talented, up and coming UX/UI Designer based in Romania. We had a chance to ask him a few questions about his life, work and interests:

Tell us a bit about yourself and about the things you enjoy

My name is Eduard Stefan but please call me Edi, I’m a young designer from Romania, Galati. I joined this journey when I was somewhere at mid 14 and started to take it seriously at 15 to 16. Along with this journey, I volunteer a lot (and a lot means a lot) in different projects/events. For example, The Color Run, Grow, AirField Festival, Neversea Festival, Train the Young Trainers and so on.

eduardstefan ui design

What is your typical day as a UX/UI Designer & Developer

I always start my days with a great cup of coffee looking over my inspiration websites – Dribbble, Muzli, Designmodo, Inspiration Grid, etc. When I finish my coffee I procrastinate a little and look over what I have to do for the day. If there’s nothing special I continue looking over the websites I mentioned before and try to create something new from there because you know, for me designing it’s not a job, it’s also a hobby, I love to do it.

What project are you currently working on?

I currently work on Happy Pills with one of my friends, also work on iCatalog and an application that I don’t know how to describe, also don’t have a name for, but its main purpose is music & friends. All of these you can see on my website but I better recommend to look at my Instagram for more current version and work.


eduardstefan ui design

What are the Software Tools, Plugins etc. that you love using?

I don’t use plugins or so many tools, almost all my work is made with Figma (big up for this software and the Figma’s Team 🙂 nice people), and then Adobe PS, AI, XD. Sometimes I use VS Code to do some front-end developing.

Which designer/creative inspire you the most?

As I said, the most inspiration I get from Dribbble and design blogs. If I would talk about designers, definitely Ales Nesetril, I love his work and he also is pretty friendly and helped me once. Also Alex Acea has some pretty dope pics on his Instagram and also very helpful when I asked him (he’s also Romanian like me haha).

Do you have a favourite Spotify playlist?

I don’t usually listen on Spotify but when I do, there is the playlist made by Sherzod Max – Design Vibes.

What is the best thing about living in Romania?

Wow, I didn’t expect this question haha. The best thing? I love the people here, they are pretty fun and interesting if you wait a little to find this out. Being there means 100% that you party, we know how to do it. I’m not a nature guy so much so I won’t say anything about beautiful places (not saying that they don’t exist, they are actually a lot), but I sure do know that the mountains here are awesome.

How is the Startup and UX Design scene in Romania?

I see that there are many startups going on, even in my small city, Galati. About the UX Design also don’t know what to say, there are always conferences in our capital Bucharest, big conferences and also I know a lot of agencies that take care of this part of the design.

eduardstefan ui design

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

I would love to start working in an agency as a Mobile Apps & Website Designer with a decent and friendly team. I also hope that one day I will take care of my own agency, that would be a big dream haha.

What is your advice to people who are thinking of pursuing UX/UI Design?

As almost all of the people say, don’t stop and do it with pleasure. This is the best way to advance and be better and better and better. If you think that there’s no place for you don’t forget that design has many directions: Web, UI/UX, Illustrations, Product, etc. I’ve been through some of them until I found my place here. And don’t forget to socialize. Make a network with people you like and be open and friendly. Good luck!

Interested to know more about Eduard? You can connect with him at Facebook , Instagram  and Dribbble !

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