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8 Web Design Trends You Need To Know (2017)

If you are planning to redesign your current website, It is highly important you pay attention to modern website design trends. Good web design will tell your users that you are current, cutting edge and they will most likely ‘trust’ a brand that keeps their website fresh.

How do we choose what’s important for your website design? Here we will share 8 Key Web Design Trends you need to know in 2017:

1. Content-First Design

Example of clear and concise layout of content.

Your content layout is important and should be designed in a way that’s purposeful, bold and unique to an organization. Let content be the message that shines, and use ample spacing and layouts to bring clarity.

2. Mobile-First Design

Canada Keep Exploring Mobile Responsive Design
Canada Keep Exploring Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile has dominated how we view the web. Mobile-first design begins by designing in mobile before adding expanding content information in working with Desktop design. How many times have you been frustrated when you want to view important financial or booking information on the website via mobile but the website isn’t responsive? If you have a website that isn’t mobile responsive, you should place this as the first priority.

3. Bold Imagery

Spaceship Bold Text Graphics
Bold headers with beautiful graphics

Striking headers and graphics has been seen in many innovative startups and companies. Ensure that you have good copy that is meaningful for your users. Importance of bold imagery cannot be stressed – psychologically visitors will remember your site better within a short period of time.

4. Parallax & Video Backgrounds

Invision Video Background
Video Background at Invision Website

Parallax has been a hot trend, and continues to be. 3D, VR and  interaction design is beginning to emerge as well and companies such as has developed a cool software that helps web designers build 3D websites without code. It’s worth checking out and you can pre-order starting at $99. If you’re interested in Parallax and Interaction Design, let us know and perhaps we’ll create more content on that!

5. Smart Interactions

Clicking a button should just be static. Let it animate, fade or dissolve. Simply put, interactions breath life to your site. You can check out a deep wide variety of interactions at Uplabs from a community of designers. ‘Feedback’ as Don Norman puts it in the book ‘The Design of Everyday Things” is communicating the results of an action. ‘Given the importance of feedback, it is amazing how many products ignore it.’

6. Minimalism

Ernest App
Great example of simplicity meets delightful interactions.

Great minimalist designers know how content glues together with whitespaces and enhance usability in subtle ways. Minimalism is not just about content, but the colors you choose. We have to shift our mindset from ‘Adding’ to ‘What’s important for my users in this section?’ In this age of information overload, too many decisions in a site might result to no decisions at all. The example of Ernest can be said is a good example of crafting interactivity within a simple content layout.

7. Flat Design & Flat Icons

Flat Design became one of the biggest trends in web and mobile design for some time now. Designers has since created stunning flat icons and evolve the simple concept into multiple of styles. Above is an example of an animated flat carousel in shades of purple. Amazing isn’t it?

8. Elegant Typography

Bold Serif headers

Rich, readable and distinct typography adds to how your brand is perceived. San Serif typefaces commonly used are Futura, Proxima Nova, Helvetica and Avant Garde; and Serif typefaces such as Bodoni, Baskerville and Garamond. Consider combining Sans Serif and Serif together such as the above example to add a modern touch.

We hope you like this article and benefit from the 8 Web Design Trends for your website design.

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