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12 Ways to Overcome Loneliness as a UX Designer

We are almost closing the first month for 2018. It is a new year and challenges may abound. This is a post to you who may be struggling in loneliness or isolation. It could be a recent event or job placement that caused us to feel isolated, lonely or missing a loved one.

Keeping it together will be a struggle at times, but with some coping mechanisms – you will rise better and stronger. Here are some ways that I’ve personally listed to overcome this struggle:

1. Be Heard

This is the number one advice I can give. Talk to a friend or family member – like really talk and not just texting. If you do not have any close friends, post a Facebook message about how you feel and someone will most likely hear you out. This did for me, and I have had great support since then.

2. Support System

Once you have identified a list of friends that you can talk to and have expressed that they will be your listening ear, create a reminder that if anything happens – you can go to them. Don’t let negative thoughts disturb you, stay positive and continue to build this support system. Use your time to meet up every few weeks, and slowly but surely those voices will go away.

3. Open Yourself Up

You will realise that this might be time of your life that you build personal confidence and boldness. Give yourself a chance to fail, but pat yourself on the back when you have made progress in opening yourself up to new friends! Think of a way that can build bridges with people – it could be taste in music, sports, movies or travel. Always end with a plan to catch up someday and keep in touch.

4. Mindfulness

We have heard that Mindfulness helps improve our well-being by quieting the mind. Try it for 30 to 60 days of 15 minute meditation and light a candle if that makes you feel calmer. Play a soothing meditation music and focus on your breathing. While you are doing work, you could also play meditation music behind the background.

5. Play a Sport

This is one of the best ways to get your mind off and get a boost of life. I’m serious. I remember feeling the emotional dread of going to the boxing gym, but after that session I could not have felt much happier than I was. Take up Martial Arts, learn Rock Climbing or any physical sporting activity that you have always wanted to try.

6. Go to Co-Working Spaces

One of the best ways to surround yourself with like-minded people in the tech industry is by attending a co-working space. You don’t have to commit yourself to a annual plan if you’re not ready to, if there are daily passes – take that as an opportunity to go out and network.

7. Build Your Skills

Self-improvement by building your skills is important for your own personal belief system. Have a daily read on UX books, learn coding, or learn UX patterns. This daily habit has been my personal philosophy and helps as I handle many projects.

8. Mantras

Mantras gives you the uplifting voice when overcoming personal struggles. Make your mantras special and not just, “I can do this.” I have my own, and it makes me feel great every time I think of it. By keeping a reminder of how great you are, you will feel grateful, special and unique  – and that beats everything.

9. Travel

If you can’t afford to travel, plan for short trips and getaways. Travelling helps you put new memories and experiences that will fill the void when you are lonely. Also, travelling or backpacking allows you to meet other people from other countries. Join a networking or meet up session while travelling as this will open your mind to different cultures.

10. Start Dating

Sometimes the feeling of loneliness can come from being single. Once you have learned to love yourself, stay open and be ready to start a new love life. If you have a goal to get married someday, spend that time building towards it.

11. Have a Pet

If you love pets, owning an animal will be one of the best ways that can provide comfort and support. They are just adorable creatures that makes one smile. Who knows, it could be your next best friend?

12. Journalling

Having a daily journal helps to keep things into perspective and appreciate the small things in life. It could also be an inspiring way to push you forward and see your progress every day. I have personally started journalling since this year, and it has been a great outlet to express my thoughts and feelings when there is no one to hear.

Loneliness could feel like you are in a never-ending dark tunnel. But be assured, you will see the light at the end.

Perhaps you are going through a time in your life when things are falling apart and there is no one you can talk to. Let me be the one to hear you at

I am on Medium if you would like to read more topics on mental health.

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